Hathaway Academy of Ballet Description & Missions


The Hathaway Academy of Ballet was established in June 2001 by directors Kirt and Linda Hathaway and is located in the heart of Collin County, Texas. The academy is the official school of Collin County Ballet Theatre.

Both Kirt & Linda are former members of the original Dallas Ballet. Their extensive professional dancing and teaching careers spans collectively for over thirty years and has lead them throughout the United States and abroad. Since the opening the academy doors in 2001 the academy has grown to a student body of over 350 students and serving the Collin County communities and the North Dallas area and has become one of the premier ballet academies in the North Texas region.

We have a methodical and kinesthetic approach to training of the students with an emphasis on the proper fundamentals and principles of the ballet technique. Every year the academy presents an annual academy spring performance at the Eisemann Center for the Performing Arts, Hill Performance Hall.

Our excellent staff is pleased to be a part of the dance education of students of all ages. We hope that our experience and knowledge will inspire the joy of dance for the students in the academy. The adventure in dance will be rewarding and meaningful for a lifetime.

It is proven that children actively involved in dance arts education develop a great understanding of self expression, better respect for discipline and a positive feeling of self-worth. As well dance enhances brain and body function. By giving them the opportunity to learn the art of dance, you are investing in their future successes.

We at the Hathaway Academy of Ballet have a passionate commitment to quality in the art of dance and set high standards on the program. The students will always be given the appropriate tools for them to enjoy their dance while at the same time properly developing a high level of technical proficiency.  Each child is different and we will always have a positive and methodical approach to our instruction for each and every student.


The mission of the academy is to offer professional classical ballet training and enrich the lives of their students with the purpose to provide

 Lessons of a Lifetime.

The emphasis of the academy is proper fundamentals and principles of ballet techniques, essential for the development of strong dancers.

To enhance the experiences of their students the academy also offers professional instruction in modern dance and jazz.

The faculty and staff of the academy have extensive professional experience and are accredited from several institutions of higher learning.